How do you use the inBeweging button?

The inBeweging button:


Update to the latest version of the App.

Make sure you have the latest version of TimesUpp, mostly this happens automatically. You can check the version number at the bottom of the Settings menu. If this is not updated, you can speed this up by doing this manually by the Google Play Store or the Apple Appstore.


Use the inBeweging button.

The Bottom left of the trip screen shows the inBeweging button. When the inBeweging button is black (iPhone) or white (Android) the app does not register. When the button color is orange your trip is recorded. By clicking the inBeweging button you activate the trip registration and your trip is recorded from that moment. There are a few rules attached:

  • We should be able to determine your location, which usually works best when you're outdoors.
  • It only works when you are near your Home or destination (Work). So make sure you fill in completely (both street and number).
  • We keep on recording until you have arrived at your house, or your destination (Work). Then the recording will stop automatically. You can see this because the inBeweging button reverts to black (iPhone) or white (Android) and you get a message with the points you have earned.
  • If you want to stop the recording earlier, for example because you're not going to work, you press the inBeweging button and the recording stops.

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